om At Contentum we strive to meet all our clients’ content needs. We do this through a range of services, all aimed at diversifying and improving website content.


Writing can be an art and is at the very core of our service. If you have a vision for your content but don’t know how to quite put it in words, we can help. Our team of specialised writers come from all walks of life and industries, allowing us to draw upon a wealth of knowledge to make that vision a reality, and make your content stand out.   Whatever the tone you need, the level of knowledge, or the particular style for your audience, we will help you create the content that makes sure what you want to say gets said.   If you have some ideas you have been knocking about, a brief you want to discuss, or have any questions regarding our writing service, please get in contact.


Our services don’t stop with writing. Whether you have your own content in need of translation or have had us write something for you, we can take your content one step further by allowing it to reach a wider audience.   For businesses dealing with multiple countries, language is a key to sales. While many people are able to read English, it is fair to say people prefer to read content in their own language – not to mention, Google loves sites catering to specific dialects. Our team of veteran translators can help you achieve this, making sure your content is accessible to a much wider, varied audience.   We mentioned Google. Well, when it comes to google, listings in English is a competitive business. However, hitting those top ranks in another language, especially if your competition doesn’t cater to specific languages, is much simpler. It allows translated websites to reach a much wider native audience and is well worth the time.   Whether you are interested in expanding the languages you work in, or already have language established and need more content translated, we want to hear from you. So get in contact and tell us about your project, ideas and requirements, and we will work to make it a reality.


Having been in the industry for quite a while, we can safely say we know what we are doing when it comes to words. Being able to communicate in a clear and concise manner is important for anyone, not just us! As such, we also offer our services as editors.   If you have text you need checking and improving, we have the knowledge to help. Whether it is a quick proofread to brush up on the English of an article, or a complete edit with feedback, we can help you ensure your content is communicating the message you envisioned for it.   So if you have content in need of some work, want to discuss a potential editing project, or have any general questions, then please get in contact – we want to hear from you!


Transcription can be a lengthy job that requires a keen ear and a fierce understanding of language. Our transcribers, unsurprisingly, have both! For those who have audio files and video in need of audio speech put down in writing, we can ensure it is done in a clear, concise and presentable way.   Our transcribers will take your audio and turn it into an easy to read, easy to follow script or document.   If you are working with one of our core translation languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch), then we can also have audio in these languages written up to meet your needs.   So if you have projects in need of transcription, want more information, or have any questions, then please get in contact with us.